latest project: "schloss glück with"

Op 29 september 2017 een erg leuke shoot dag in Schloss Glück begeleid met de redactie van, een 3-tal zeer getalenteerde lezers / fotografen en fotomodel Kim!


On September 29, 2017, a fantastic shooting day in Schloss Glück accompanied wtih the editors of, 3 highly talented readers / photographers and photo model Kim!

Behind the scene (foto: Hans Klipper)

"Enlighten me" (Schloss Glück)


I just can't keep going

with a black fold 

around my eyes.

Give me your hand

and guide my way.

Lead me from the shadows,

enlighten my path.


Model: Kim

Dress: NewOlds te Geleen

"Bound By Love"


Bound by the love that needs

Bound by the love that bleeds

Bound by a love that heals

We are bound by the love we feel


Lyrics song "Bound by Love" by John Hiatt

"Feather Fall"


Feather Fall

and show us all

how weightless life can be

Feather Fall

and let us all

watch as you float free

"Step by step"


Step by step my path unfolds,

As the light directs my way.

"Light play"


Just stand in its beam,

Makes the invisible visible,

Give spaces your own soul,

A Space of your magic,

A magic that's never the same.